Know Your Equipment

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As part of our ongoing training program, Kirwan Heights Fire Department has implemented a "Know Your Equipment" program. Since the delivery our new 2009 Hackney Custom Heavy Rescue, we have been adding equipment and new tools to help us with our daily duties. The "Know Your Equipment" program allows our on-duty employees and volunteers to learn about new equipment available to us.

When new equipment is purchased for the Department, all of the equipment is displayed in our 2nd floor classroom/meeting area for members to review and learn about. Past displays are shown below through pictures.

Vehicle Extrication Tools

Kirwan Heights Fire Department obtained a grant for all new vehicle extrication tools during the year of 2011. We took the time to display these tools for all of our members.

After a safety lecture and instructional session with the purchasing agent, members were allowed to try out the tools in various scenarios.


Rapid Intervention Team

Firefighters are those brave persons who rush into a burning building to save lives. But who saves the firefighters? The rapid intervention team, or RIT Team. Through a set of specialized equipment and training, this team can complete their job.

Now this equipment is not new to our department, but we bring it out and display the equipment several times during the year to familiarize our current and new members. Not all of our members are RIT certified, but it takes approximately 14 to 16 members to rescue a downed firefighter.


Rope Rescue Equipment

Through the process of obtaining our Vehicle Rescue State Recognition from the PA Department of Health, Kirwan Heights Fire Department had to purchase additional rope rescue equipment. This equipment was put on display for all of our members.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lockout System

Also added to the Rescue, the Lockout/Tagout system is designed for use in the residential, commercial, or industrial setting. These system is used to lockout or tagout anything from malfunctioning machinery, bad electrical breakers, etc. It is now common practice for our members to utilize this kit during active operations as a safety check to unknowing bystanders or other personnel.


First Aid & Patient Protection

Added to our Rescue for patient extrication, these modular style bags allow for eye, ear, and patient protection during vehicle extrication; or in generally dangerous environments where tools needed to be used for patient extrication.