Knox Box Program

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Knox Boxes are externally-mounted keysafes which provide the fire department and other emergency services providers with a non-destructive means of entry into local businesses and buildings.

The "Knox Key" allows fire department personnel to open the Knox Box and retrieve the keys stored inside, eliminating the need to forcibly remove windows or doors to gain access during an emergency.

Kirwan Heights Fire Department and Collier Township highly require the use of Knox Boxes on all commercial structures. When installing a Knox Box, be sure to:

  • Download the Knox Box Application
  • The preferred Knox Box is Series 3200.
  • Series 3200 Prices
  • Include all necessary keys to your building, including:
    • Entryways (main, rear, etc.)
    • Equipment/Utility Rooms
    • Other keyed areas, such as storage rooms, or other places a fire load or alarm system may be located
  • Clearly label the keys to prevent confusion ("Equipment Room", "Front Office", "2nd Floor Storage")
  • Always keep the stored keys up-to-date after lock changes, additions, etc.
  • You may wish to include our Knox Box Information Sheet, to help us provide better service.


We understand the concerns about potential security risks, and have taken a number of measures to protect your business from unauthorized access. The Knox Keys are secured in our fire apparatus to guard against unauthorized use, and keys are only used when immediate access is required, and no keyholder is nearby. You may view a PDF copy of Standard Operating Guideline 1-06 (Knox Box Use) by clicking on the link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Mark Lewis
Fire Chief