Fire Extinguisher Training

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Kirwan Heights provides fire extinguisher training to local businesses, groups and individuals at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, due to the rise in fuel prices and fire extinguisher components, we are no longer able to offer this as a free service.

Kirwan Heights will gladly come to your location and provide training for your business or organization. We will cover the basics of extinguisher selection, extinguisher use (PASS), and practice time with live fire. Since our presentations are custom-tailored to the needs of the group, we may also include material on Class D or K systems. However, we do not conduct live fire practice with combustable metals (Class D) or cooking oils/fats (Class K), due to the higher risk and increased cost of these extinguishers.

Due to child labor laws and safety concerns, we cannot provide live fire excercises to persons under 18 years of age.

Please check out pictures from our latest Fire Extinguisher Training Program here.

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