Kirwan Heights is Going Green!

Our fire department has been around since 1926, and a lot has happened since then. Unfortunately, environmental impact hasn't always been a priority in years past. In recent years, however, that's changed - we've been making a conscious effort to reduce our energy consumption and waste of materials.

Some of our notable changes include:

Action Effect
Final transition to completely-paperless reporting system as of Jan 1, 2011 Saves over 17,000 sheets of paper each year, as well as ink and toner cartridges
Use server- and internet-based storage for copies of certifications, meeting minutes, etc. Saves hundreds, possibly thousands, of sheets of paper, ink, and toner cartridges each year
Replaced garage lights with compact flourescent lamps (CFL) Saves approximately 720 watts per hour
Installed "smart" energy-saving thermostat for HVAC system Significantly reduced climate control costs and energy consumption
Exterior lighting moved to timers or photocells Reduced energy consumption from members forgetting to turn lights off at dawn
Most interior lighting moved to motion sensors and/or 30-minute timers Reduced energy consumption from leaving lights on
Replaced large garage doors with energy-efficient thermal glass Reduced heating costs and improved lighting in garages, reducing the need for electric lighting
All non-sensitive documents and paper products are recycled locally Nearly eliminate the amount of paper products that are thrown away and taken to landfills