Current Membership Roster

Our staff consists of 47 members and 4 juniors (under 18). These members have various levels of training listed below. Many of our staff members hold additional Fire, EMS and Rescue certifications at the state and national level. Several are accredited instructors for the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy and Pennsylvania Department of Health.

President Mark Lewis
Vice President Gena Hartman
Secretary Lindsay Riddle
Treasurer Nathaniel D. Jackson
Fire Officers
Chief Troy Riddle
Deputy Chief Michael Quinlan
Captain - Rescue Patrick Saltzman
Captain - Engine Mike Tomnay
2nd Lieutenant Adam Johnston
Safety Officer Robert Jones
Chief Engineer William Giehll
EMS Officers
EMS Chief Joseph Wissel, Jr.
Deputy Chief Nathaniel D. Jackson
Field Supervisor Earle Allender
Field Supervisor Timothy McDonald
Field Supervisor Rebecca Pritchard

Training - EMS
Coordinator Timothy McDonald
Training - Fire
Coordinator Michael Quinlan

Name Title Email
  Mark Lewis Firefighter • EMT-B President
  Dave Berkman Firefighter  
  Joseph Wissel Firefighter • EMT-B EMS Chief
  Ashley Buchert Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Glenn Smith Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Earle Allender Firefighter • EMT-B Field Supervisor - EMS
  Jordan Fascetti Firefighter • Paramedic  
  Ben Saltzman Firefighter • WCV Driver  
  Charlene Jones Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Garrett Miller Firefighter • Paramedic  
  Gena Hartman EMT-B Vice President
  Troy Riddle Firefighter • EMR Chief
  Timothy McDonald Firefighter • Paramedic Training Coordinator - EMS • Field Supervisor
  Brandon Ward Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Eric Williams Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Daniel Williams Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Justin Webster Firefighter • Paramedic  
  TJ Hartnett Firefighter • EMR  
  TJ Marriott Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Michael Quinlan Firefighter • EMT-B Deputy Chief - Fire • Training Coordinator - Fire
  Brian Fullgraf Firefighter • Paramedic  
  Michael Johnson Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Nate Jackson Firefighter • Paramedic Deputy Chief - EMS • Treasurer
  Richard Ward Firefighter • Paramedic  
  Tim Potts Firefighter • EMT-B President
  William Giehll Firefighter  
  Patrick Saltzman Firefighter • EMT-B Rescue Captain
  Russell Dettling Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Robert Jones Firefighter • EMT-B Safety Officer
  Austin Perhach Firefighter • EMT-B  
  Mike Tomnay Firefighter Engine Captain
  Dave Gerster Firefighter • Paramedic  
  Ryan Johnston Firefighter  
  Rebecca Pritchard Firefighter • Paramedic Field Supervisor

Junior Members
Name Title Email
  Katlin McDonald Jr. Firefighter  
  Stephanie Ward Jr. Firefighter  
  Ryan Pollack Jr. Firefighter  
  Cory Weir Jr. Firefighter  
  Ray Mayfield Jr. Firefighter