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28 Feb

Special Needs Registry

Allegheny County Emergency Services and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald have launched a "Special Needs Registry to Assist Emergency Responders" website. All residents with special needs are encouraged to submit their information. You can go to the Specials Needs Registry. This website will provide responders with vital information in the time of yours, your family, or your neighbors emergency. This information is being collected on a voluntary basis. Please limit submissions to only those persons who live independently and NOT in a nursing home or group home. Their information is already on file.

17 Feb

Station Training

Kirwan Heights training on simple rope tactics. This is one of many "winter trainings" that members go through. This serves as a good review for our more experienced members and as new / introductory training for our newer, less experienced members.

Click here for more photos.

Station Training

Photos courtesy: M. Lewis

17 Feb

R.I.T. Response

Kirwan Heights R.I.T. team responded to assist Station 215, Oakdale Fire Department, with a working structure fire. Crews arrived to find a single family residential structure on fire.

Click here for more photos.

RIT Response

Photos courtesy: M. Lewis

22 Jan

Rehab and R.I.T. Response

Kirwan Heights R.I.T. team and EMS Rehab responded to 1915 Washington Street, Heidelberg, PA for report of working structure fire. Crews arrived onscene to find a residential structure on fire. The fire department served as R.I.T. for the fire. EMS personnel also dispatched to the fire provided Rehab services for the firefighters and support personnel onscene.

Click here for more photos.

Rehab/RIT Response

Photos courtesy: M. Lewis

20 Jan

Gear Check

Members went through our annual gear check. Each member was required to inspect their assigned gear and then fill out a check sheet. Any deficit gear was replaced. This also helps members become familiar with the inner-workings of their gear and how it helps to protect them when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Click here for more photos.

Gear Check

Photos courtesy: M. Lewis

20 Jan

Washington Pike Accident

Kirwan Heights responsed to the report of a head-on motor vehicle accident. Crew arrived onscene to find two cars in the middle of the intersection with damage. Work onscene included traffic control and debris clean-up. There were no reported injuries at this scene.

Car Accident

Photos courtesy: M. Lewis

15 Jan

Customer Appreciation Day

Model Cleaners will be hosting a Customer Appreciation Day to support their local fire department, Kirwan Heights. $1 for every piece turned into Model Cleaners, 1597 Washington Pike, location will be donated to the fire department.

Come out and join Kirwan Heights and Model Cleaners on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. More information can be found by clicking the link above.

23 Dec

Sears to Support Local Heroes…

Sears Outlet has always been a great supporter of your local fire department. This year through the end of December, Sears will be donating a portion of every purchase to Kirwan Heights through their "Salute To Local Heroes" campaign. To date, Sears has raised over $2,000 for Kirwan Heights.

Come out and join Kirwan Heights on Saturday, December 28, 2013 at Sears. More information can be found by clicking the link above. Information is located on the right side of the Sears Outlet - Bridgeville webpage.

22 Dec

Santa Claus Visits Kirwan Heights

Santa Claus stopped by Kirwan Heights yesterday. He informed us that his reindeer and elves are resting before their big night, so Kirwan Heights was more than willing to lend him a fire truck and firefighters to pass out candy to the residents of Kirwan Heights.

Thank you, Mr. Kringle for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us.

Santa Visit 2013

Photos courtesy: Santa Claus Public Information Department

21 Dec

Annual Holiday Party

Kirwan Heights hosted it's annual holiday party our on station on Saturday night. Over 60 members and family celebrating the seasons with food, fun, and games. Thanks you forattending and more importantly thank you for your hard work this year. It was truly a successful year for the department.

Special thanks to The Cooked Goose Catering Company for providing food for the event and Demsher's for the drinks.

Xmas Party 2013

Photos courtesy: M. Lewis

20 Nov

BLS Skills Review & Testing

20 members from various EMS agencies attended a BLS Skills Review on this date. Students were taken thru a variety of skills stations including vitals assessment, airway management with CPAP use, immobilization, and assisting the Paramedic. Each student had a set number of skills that they were shown and then perform for the instructors onsite. At the beginning of the class each student was required to complete a 40 question BLS level test. This test will be used to guide our training for calendar year 2014. For those students from Kirwan Heights, we added a scavenger hunt to the night. Students were asked to hunt for equipment on each of our 4 EMS vehicles.

Special thanks goes to Dr. Micha Campbell for attending and to Timothy P. McDonald for all of the hard work in getting this class off the ground.

We will be making this class mandatory for all of our EMS providers in calendar year 2014.

Click here for more photos.

BLS Skills Review

Photos courtesy: T. McDonald

12 Nov

S.C.B.A. Tactics and Training

Our inhouse instructor Timothy McDonald was given the chance to host a self-made class at the Allegheny County Fire Academy. S.C.B.A. Tactics and Training is a non-fire traing class designed for all level of firefighter. Each participant was placed on breathing air and asked to do a variety of task. These tasks included search and rescue, simulated fire suppresion, ladder ascent and descent, exterior fireground operations, and interior overhaul operations.

With the design of fire safety systems and today's home / commercial construction, it is imperative that all firefighters continue maintain competency with regards to S.C.B.A. use and comfort. Over the course of a year, members of the department may only get approximately 50 hours of time actually breathing through an S.C.B.A. on an emergency scene. This means that it is important for continued training.

Click here for more photos.

SCBA Tactics & Training

Photos courtesy: T. McDonald

18 Nov


Please thank the following persons for their continued commitment to training. Timothy McDonald, Chad Paget, and Mike Tomnay have successfully passed professional proboard firefighting tests. Tim and Chad have become certified at Firefighter II. Mike has completed Firefighter I testing. Each of these certifications will benefit the department as we progress towards 100% compliance with the PA State Fire Academy's Participating Department Program. These are truly great individual achievements for each member.

Thank you for your continued devotion to training.

16 Nov

Chartiers Valley High School Drama Department

Kirwan Heights Fire Department and EMS wants to thank the Chartiers Valley High School Drama Department for allowing us to participate in their lib dub video. Please take a look at the video. Chartiers Valley's Drama Department is entered in a contest to win $5,000.

CV Drama Dept. Group Photo

Photos courtesy: J. Wissel, Jr.

7 Nov

Rennerdale and Kirwan Heights ALS partnership

As it has been reported in the news and by Collier Township, Rennerdale and Kirwan Heights Fire Departments have entered into a partnership to provide Advanced Life Support services to ALL of the residents of Collier Township. Rennerdale Fire Dept. will be staffed during the day with EMTs from Kirwan Heights. Kirwan Heights will provide a Paramedic who is trained in Advanced Life Support techniques. During the evening and overnight periods, volunteer EMTs from Rennerdale will respond along with an ALS ambulance from Kirwan Heights.

This venture is a monumental step forward for the fire departments and residents of Collier Township. It has been 10 years in the making. Please take a few minutes to read the press release from Collier Township and the new article from Trib Live.

Collier Twp. Press Release  •  Trib. Live Article

28 Oct

Search & Rescue

Members of our department took part in a search & rescue drill on Monday night. Members were placed on air using the department's Scott S.C.B.A. then with their masks blacked out, teams of 2 to 3 members were directed into a maze that was setup on our 2nd floor. Each evolution of the drill became slightly harder with the final evolution including a victim and simulated R.I.T. response for a "lost" firefighter.

Click here for more photos.

Interior Search & Rescue

Photos courtesy: N. Jackson

19 Oct

Firefighter Wedding

Congratulations to the Earle Allender and Briana Allender on their big day. We are all happy for you. May you have many years of happiness.

Click here for more photos.

Buddy & Briana Allender

Photos courtesy: M. Lewis

10 Oct

Welcome to Collier Twp…

We would like to welcome the newest Collier Township Police Officer to the ranks. He is one of our own. Mr. Jordan Fascetti was sworn in at the Collier Township Commissioner's Meeting last night. Jordan Fascetti continues to be a member of the Kirwan Heights Fire Department as a Firefighter and Paramedic.

We wish the best to Jordan and his family as they embark on this exciting endevour. Congratulations!!!!

4 Oct


Congratulations to Patrick Saltzman and Michael Quinlan for their successful completion of Firefighter I. Their continued dedication to personal and department improvement is what we look for in volunteers. If you want to volunteer, feel free to click the link on the right column and someone from our department will be in contact with you.

29 Aug

And His Name Is?

Congratulations to the Paget family for the birth of their son. Anthony Xavier Paget, 9 lbs., 3 oz., was born at 08:03 hours this morning. Chad and Deana both report that the birth went well. Mom is doing well. I hear this first thing she asked for was a pint of Rocky Road Ice Cream and a wheelchair van schedule update.

We are proud to welcome Firefighter Tony to the family. Stay tuned for more updates.

Baby Paget

Photos courtesy: C. Paget & D. Boggs

5 Aug

Electronics Collection

Kirwan Heights, as part of the Collier Township Firefighters Association (CTFFA), will be participating in an Electronics Recycling campaign. Everyone is invited to donate their old electronics, working or broken, to be recycled. Kirwan Heights, Presto, and Rennerdale Fire Departments are the official dropoff locations. is the company sponsoring this electronics pickup. A percentage of the money recovered for the recycled electronics will be given back to the CTFFA as a donation.

Event Flyer  •

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